Watch An iPad-Controlled Hoist Quickly Clean Up A Garage [Kickstarter]


The myLIFTER is a Kickstarter project for a small-yet-powerful, Bluetooth-enabled winch controlled by an iOS app — and it’s loaded with all kinds of other ingenious features, like programmable distances and the ability to link a chain of myLIFTERS together to lift heavier stuff.

An iPhone-controlled winch probably isn’t the sexiest gadget, but man does it look useful. Each myLIFTER is capable of raising 50 pounds; myLIFTERs can be linked together in order to raise heavier stuff.

The killer feature is what myLIFTER’s designers call smartLIFT (is it just me, or is the application of capital letters getting progressively goofier?), programmable settings that instruct the myLIFTER to raise or lower its load to preset heights.

If you don’t have an iOS device, why are you reading this myLIFTER will sell you a Bluetooth remote for $40. The whole thing gets a little expensive, though early birds can snag a myLIFTER for $75 — which is half what the last backers will get theirs for. Then there’re all sorts $20-$30 accessories, like hooks and straps. Shipping is expected by May 2014.

Source: myLIFTER