Indian Launch Of iPad Air and iPad Mini To Take Place This Week


Apple is doing all it can to grown in India.
Illustration: Cult of Mac


Breaking with the tradition of Friday launches in India — and despite rumors that it would take place on November 29 — Apple has announced that customers in India will be able to buy the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display as of Saturday, December 7.

According to a press release from Apple, the iPad Air 16GB Wi-Fi will set customers back Rs 35,900 ($578), while the iPad mini with Retina display 16GB Wi-Fi will retail at Rs 28,900 ($465).

There is no official word on prices for other variants, but reports have suggested that the iPad mini Wi-Fi 32GB will cost Rs 35,900 ($579), 64GB at Rs 42,900 ($692), and 128GB at Rs 49,900 ($805).

The iPad mini with Retina Display Cellular version, meanwhile, will start at Rs 37,900 for 16GB ($610), Rs 44,900 for 32GB ($722), Rs 51,900 for 64GB ($837), and Rs 58,900 for 128GB ($950).

The iPad Air Wi-Fi version will start from Rs 35,900 for 16GB ($579), Rs 42,900 for 32GB ($690), Rs 49,900 for 64GB ($803), and Rs 56,900 for 128GB ($917).

The cellular version will begin at Rs 44,900 for 16GB ($724), Rs 51,900 for 32GB ($836), Rs 58,900 for 64GB ($950), and Rs 65,900 for 128GB ($1063).

India represents a major potential market for Apple: with Cult of Mac sister-site Cult of Android having previously reported on how the iPhone 5c is significantly outselling its Samsung competitors there, and with many Apple products selling out within 24 hours of their launch.

Source: BGR India

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    WHATDA F ??? 35000rs for a device of leisure. And the most expensive iPad is more expensive than the MacBook Air. This is India. Here people buy entire PCs for less than 35000rs and keep them un-upgraded for the next 5 years.