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Clear iPhone Case Packs A Tiny Toolbox


swiss case


I love this case: It’s a plain old polycarbonate shell for the iPhone 5/S, but it comes with a bunch of handy pull-out tools in embedded into the plastic itself. It’s like the pen and tweezer tools from Swiss Army Knives, only all of the tools are like that.

In there, you’ll find the following handy implements:

Blue Pen
Red Pen
Phillips Screwdriver
Flat-Head Screwdriver
Nail File

Ironically, the only thing not in there is a SIM-removal tool, which is the thing I need the most when I’m using an iPhone. And the inclusion of all these tools makes me think of another case somebody should make: An iPhone cover with a built-in compact mirror for folks to do their lipstick and so on. The Lady uses the powered-off screen of the iPhone to check herself out, and she used to use the shiny rear shell of the old iPod Touch I used to carry. But a proper mirror would sell pretty well.

Then again, I’m sure somebody makes one already.

The In1 case is $45.

Source: In1