This Chart Explains Why Android Devs Are Poor & The Best Apps Are On iOS First



When people talk about Android being bad for developers, this handy chart explains in a nutshell what they’re talking about: across the board, in every metric, Android developers make less money than iOS developers… often by a lot.

Put together by Business Insider, the monetization gap between Android and iOS is so profound that releasing a free-to-play game supported by advertising will bring you in just seventy-seven cents to every dollar earned by an iOS app developer.

But it gets worse. Every dollar earned on in-app purchases on iOS brings in less than a quarter on Android. And overall, developers make just $0.19 per download in revenue, compared to a dollar earned in revenue on iOS.

That’s abominable. Android may have a bigger marketshare than Apple’s, but this is why the best apps come to iOS first: despite the smaller marketshare, it can be five times more profitable to do so.

Source: Business Insider

  • norb

    Yep, most people that buy Apple are not necessarily trying to save as much money as possible. It just goes with the territory that the majority of Apple users are going to be less “thrifty” or “cheap” when it comes to spending.

  • aardman

    So Android has to increase its installed base fivefold to match iOS app dev revenues. Tall order. And if we take into account that compared to the current installed base, a greater share of this additional penetration will have to be in tne 3rd world, even taller.