This Chart Explains Why Android Devs Are Poor & The Best Apps Are On iOS First



When people talk about Android being bad for developers, this handy chart explains in a nutshell what they’re talking about: across the board, in every metric, Android developers make less money than iOS developers… often by a lot.

Put together by Business Insider, the monetization gap between Android and iOS is so profound that releasing a free-to-play game supported by advertising will bring you in just seventy-seven cents to every dollar earned by an iOS app developer.

But it gets worse. Every dollar earned on in-app purchases on iOS brings in less than a quarter on Android. And overall, developers make just $0.19 per download in revenue, compared to a dollar earned in revenue on iOS.

That’s abominable. Android may have a bigger marketshare than Apple’s, but this is why the best apps come to iOS first: despite the smaller marketshare, it can be five times more profitable to do so.

Source: Business Insider