Apple To Use PrimeSense Tech For Indoor Mapping?


iOS 7 could soon have many of the capabilities of the Xbox 360 Kinect.
iOS 7 could soon have many of the capabilities of the Xbox 360 Kinect.

It’s the third most asked question next to “did I make the right choice of next generation iPad?” and “why is it so cold at the moment?” (I’m writing this post from England) — but what exactly does Apple plan to do with PrimeSense?

Having acquired the Israel-based 3D-motion tracking company behind the original Xbox Kinect for an estimated $360 million, most people assumed that Apple would use the technology to incorporate motion tech into its long-awaited television-based hardware.

According to Washington Post tech journalist Jessica Lessin, however, that’s not right at all.

Instead she insists sources have revealed to her that PrimeSense’s real strength is the possibility of using its tech for mapping, allowing it to effectively map three-dimensional spaces.

“We know Apple cares about mapping. The company bought WifiSLAM, an indoor GPS company, to help it map out malls and another indoor spaces in a race against Google, which is doing the same. Sooner rather than later, our phones will pull up scans of real spaces we want to visit or may be approaching. Those two-dimensional maps will seem very obsolete.”

Lessin goes on to report that Apple’s prototype TV sets allegedly do not take advantage of motion technology at all.

Unsurprisingly she was unable to get a response out of Apple.

Source: Jessica Lessin

Via: Digital Spy