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Foxconn Ramps Up iPhone 5s Production



Yesterday we told you that iPhone 5s finally had the supply it needed to match demand as we draw near to the holidays. Today we tell you why.

Having had limited availability in its first weeks, it seems that Foxconn has ramped up production of the iPhone 5s by running its factories around the clock — as well as adding more workers to its production lines.

“We have been churning out about 500,000 iPhone 5s’ everyday, the highest daily output ever,” said a Foxconn executive.

This is easier said than done: the iPhone 5s takes considerably longer to assemble than the iPhone 5c or previous generation iPhone 5.

“For the iPhone 5C or the iPhone 5, we only have 500 workers per production line as the assembly procedure is less complicated,” the executive noted, observing that iPhone 5s assembly consists of 600 assembly workers per line.

“Although the market had concerns over demand for the new iPhone before its launch, our Zhengzhou site’s production capacity for iPhones has continued to grow over the past two years.”

This increased production comes at the expense of the 5c, which Cult of Mac has previously noted has seen its production slowed down in recent weeks as demand has fallen.
Source: WSJ