Baby Lava Bounce Lives On The Edge And Eats Pineapples [Review]


Baby Lava 3

Baby Lava is on a rampage. He’ll fly as far as he can and burn whatever lies in his path, but won’t give a thought to how water spells his doom. Once you fire the lava blob out of the starting volcano, you must carefully guide him across tropical islands where he can burn up helpless vacationers and pineapples to keep his fire burning. If you run out of energy, or touch the water between the islands, your fire will go out and Baby Lava turns into a blackened hunk of rock.

Baby Lava Bounce by Jared Bailey
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: Free

Baby Lava Bounce plays a bit like Angry Birds crossed with endless flight games like Whale Trail. Your objective is to gather enough energy to collect various idols which you offer up to the volcano. The only control you have is tapping to crash the lava down against an island. If you land on a flat surface, tapping again will let you hop a short distance. If the lava lands on a slanted surface, he’ll shoot up into the air. This will give you much needed lift, but can also make it much more difficult to maintain your energy level.

Baby Lava 4

The biggest hurdle in doing well in Baby Lava is timing how much energy the character starts each run with. Just like angling your flight in Angry Birds, if the intensity of that first burst is too low, you’ll end up in the water in a matter of seconds. The same applies to flying too high. This can seem tricky at first, but you’re sure to master it in a few attempts.

Baby Lava 2

I like the gleeful way Baby Lava burns through the world. People and food have no chance against him, a bit like how you roll up entire cities in Katamari Damacy. It’s a bit dark if you think about it too long, but you’ll be more focused on maintaining your energy rather than worrying about all the poor people being sacrificed to the island volcanoes.

Baby Lava 1Game Name: : Baby Lava Bounce
The Good: Each run in the game is quick and fraught with danger, making it easy to pick up and satisfyingly challenging to succeed. You’ll want to keep trying to beat your score.
The Bad: The difficulty curve is a bit high, meaning you’ll spend many of your early runs learning how to control Baby Lava Bounce effectively.
The Verdict It’s silly, it’s whimsical, and it satisfies that Angry Birds need without requiring you to buy it. Hopefully you can master the controls.
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