Apple Online Store Shipping iPad Minis In Between 5 And 7 Days



Word on the street (and by “the street” we mean Tim Cook himself) was that Apple might not have enough iPad Minis to see it through this quarter — with Cult of Mac even opining that, “Good luck getting one of these before Christmas.”

Well, it seems that concerns of “ridiculously tight” supply might have been greatly exaggerated, since reports state that the Apple Online Store is actually shipping 16GB and 32GB iPad Mini models in just one to three business days, compared to other models like the iPad Air that come with a shipping time of between five and 7 days.

What this says for Apple remains to be seen, but it’s certainly good news if you’re an iPad hungry consumer counting down the hours until you can get your hands on Apple’s latest must-have gadget. (The improved shipping times also cover the iPhone 5s, which is now dispatching in three to five business days.)

Looks like it’ll be an iOS holiday season, after all.

Source: Apps Gone Free