Transform Your Apple TV Into A Vintage NES & More



Want to make your Apple TV look like an SNES, Gamecube, NES, or even a big waffle? These decals have you covered.

There’s no shortage of vinyl decals to slap on your Mac, but you don’t see them for the Apple TV all that often. Killer Duck Decals, though, is opting to remedy that fact, selling a variety of cool decals for the Apple TV over on their site.

For just $10, you can transform your Apple TV into any one of three Nintendo consoles. You can make it into a Mario block, turn it into a big pile of waffles, or even make it into a symbol from the game Portal of a test subject hugging a companion cube.

If you’re looking to swank up your set-top box, this is a cheap and cool way to do it.

Source: Killer Duck Decals