Like A Bad Joke, The Apple Store That Sells The Most iPhones Is Where? Delaware.


Customers might avoid this delightful eye-candy to save a few bucks.
Customers might avoid this delightful eye-candy to save a few bucks.

What store sells the most iPhones every year? If you named, oh, the 5th Avenue Cube, or the Grand Central location, you’d be wrong, asserts ABC News. Instead, they identify an obscure Apple Store in a shopping mall in Delaware as being the likely contender for selling the most iPhones every year. What wizardry is this?

According to ABC News, an Apple Store at the Christiana Mall in Delaware probably sells more iPhones than any other in the U.S. for a couple of reasons: it’s the only Apple Store in the State, and Delaware doesn’t charge sales tax. Not only does that make it a Delaware-wide destination for iPhone purchases, but it’s also not too far from Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York for those wanting to save some cash.

It’s worth noting this is all speculative, because Apple doesn’t break-out device sales per store. But ABC News makes a pretty good case anyway:

The reasons why the store ranks among Apple’s top performers aren’t hard to see, said Mall general manager Steve Chambliss: This is Apple’s only store in Delaware, a state with no sales tax. The mall’s location on Interstate 95, which links the Northeast corridor, makes it easy for shoppers from three adjacent tax-charging states to flock here.

“We’re the key shopping destination between Baltimore and Philadelphia,” said Chambliss. “We’ve got 6,500 parking spaces, and they’re always all full.”

So heavily-trafficked is the store that it is guarded by Delaware state troopers. There are at least two troopers at a time—as unsmiling as Buckingham Palace guards — inside the store with as many as 10 at the store to rotate through shifts and provide for crowd control.

The store sells so many iPhones that charter buses filled with people from New York sometimes arrive all at once to buy iPhones, and the store has been known to sell hundreds of iPhones at a time to resellers. Sounds convincing to me.

Source: ABC News