Absurdly Competent iPad Mini Case Includes Aluminum Bumper, Leather Book Cover, Kickstand



Most iPad cases we see are rehashes of the same old Smart Cover or Folio designs, but the Case 66 is a genuinely clever new design. It’s an aluminum bumper mixed with a kickstand mixed with a beautiful cloth-lined leather case. Somehow, it manages to fit all of these features in whilst still looking great, and it only costs $50. What?

The main part of the case system is the aluminum bumper, which is rubber lined and leaves both the back and front of the iPad mini exposed. It’s not just a bumper, either: the bottom edge has a pair of acoustic amplifiers (horn speakers to you and me, only not shaped liked horns) which stretch and redirect the sound forwards).


Around the back is a slot for the kickstand, which seems like the worst part of this whole setup: it’s a separate stick which props up the iPad, which means you’l never be able to find it he your need it.

Finally there’s the leather cover, which attaches to the bumper when you need it and wraps everything in a rather stylish package. Frankly, it’s had to see how this setup can cost just $50 – I was expecting more just for the aluminum section.

Source: Vital
Thanks: Jamie!