BitTorrent Sync Goes Universal, Gets iOS 7 Treatment & More



BitTorrent Sync is one of the best Dropbox alternatives out there. Drawing upon the power of BitTorrent, BitTorrent Sync allows you to keep folders synced between multiple Macs easily, but without storing them in the cloud or having to pay for things like storage.

If you’re a BitTorrent Sync user — and you really should at least consider being one — great news. BitTorrent Sync just got an iPad app.

When it was launched on iOS in late August, BitTorrent Sync only came in iPhone and iPod touch flavors, which was a little odd, considering that you’re probably more likely to make use of any desktop files you sync over BitTorrent on an iPad than an iPhone.

It appears, however, that the issue was simply one of resources. BitTorrent Sync has now been updated for iPad, and while it won’t allow you to torrent files off of the Internet, it will allow you to sync your files locally.

Oh, and right, it’s also been overhauled for iOS 7, while also being given the ability to send and sync files in other apps via Sync, as well as save pictures and video from sync folders to the Camera Roll, which is a pretty rad addition.

The universal version of BitTorrent Sync is now available on the App Store for the beautiful price of free.

Source: iTunes