This Week in Cult Of Mac Magazine: Apple Campus 2



Apple’s new proposal for the giant spaceship campus, originally envisioned by co-founder and rockstar, Steve Jobs, has gotten the go ahead from the Cupertino City Council. It’s on track to get built by 2016, and we’ve got a ton of inside info on the new building.

In this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine, reporter Luke Dormehl talks to a few architectural experts to fully understand how this new building is really just the largest Apple product ever built.

Rob LeFebvre looks at some area residents’ complaints about the construction and impact of the new campus, while also talking to an expert who thinks that the impact will be more good than bad, and we’ve got a pretty slick 3D video render of what the campus will look like.

Our exclusive Ask a Genius column lets you in on how those intrepid Apple employees deal with customer temper tantrums, a bit about the recent AppleCare+ price hikes, and how folks might have to act to get fired from the retailer’s employ.

Of course we’ll also have our signature roundups of all the best iTunes books, movies, music, and app, ready for your perusal.

The latest issue is available in the App Store.

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