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Mujjo Leather Touchscreen Gloves Optimized For Laydeez



Leather gloves are useful for many things: driving, punching, jewel thieving, murdering and doing sex. But one thing they weren’t good at until now was iPhone-ing. Mujjo has totally fixed that.

The gloves are called – somewhat unimaginatively – “Leather Touchscreen Gloves For Women,” and they have a crocheted cotton back panel to prove their feminine credentials. Although really anyone can wear them: I’ve owned several pairs of this style of glove over the years.

The gloves themselves feature a slimmer, longer cut for women’s hands, and some “revolutionary nanotechnology integrated into the leather” takes care of capacitive touch.

Touch-screen gloves used to seem like a stupid luxury, but now that you can’t even answer the phone without taking off your mittens it seems pretty essential. And why compromise on style when you’re carrying the iPhone, the most stylish phone around?

Price? $121. Ho ho. Shipping November 28th.

Source: Mujjo

Thanks: Tom!