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Ooga Jump Around In A Prehistoric House Of Pain [Review]


Ooga Jump

I’ve played and reviewed my share of endless runners, but Ooga Jump, a new game from Bolt Creative, takes endlessness to that other axis.

Pocket God: Ooga Jump by Bolt Creative
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: $0.99

If you thought I was going to say “to new heights,” shame on you.

Ooga Jump is an “endless jumper” that was originally a minigame in Bolt’s earlier title, Pocket God. You control a Pygmy who for some reason or another is taking an infinite voyage upward via a series of platforms and collectible goodies. On his way, he encounters deadly statues, spiders, meteors, and wind, all of which want to cut his trip short by making him really, really dead.

Your diminutive hero handles the jumping all by himself; your job is to aim him by tilting your phone or iPad. You can also tap on the screen to make him do a slam move onto platforms and bounce higher to cover more distance faster. The game gives you a little room to miss jumps, but falling too far without hitting a platform means you have to watch your poor hero fall all the way back down to the ground.

Like I said before, gravity isn’t the only thing trying to kill the upward-bound Pygmy. The game randomly generates obstacles every time you play, so it’s not a matter of knowing when things will happen so much as knowing how to avoid them when they do. And the hazards are varied enough to keep you thinking and planning your next two moves to avoid them.

Gravity isn’t the only thing trying to kill the upward-bound Pygmy.

Failure means, again, that whole “watching all of your hard work undone” thing, but the game throws in some cartoonish hyperviolence for funsies. Your hero might burn up on his way down until nothing is left but the bone from his hair, or an axe-wielding statue might cut him in half, and you totally see his brain. It’s all too silly to be shocking, but it might raise some eyebrows.

Ooga JumpGame Name: : Pocket God: Ooga Jump
The Good: Quick and simple gameplay with basic controls that work and tons of hooks to keep you playing.
The Bad: Not the most deep or complex thing out there, but I suppose it never claimed to be.
The Verdict Ooga Jump is a quick, moderately addictive game that will have you “just one more”-ing for hours.
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