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Google Chrome For Mac Makes Saved Passwords More Secure



Google has tightened security inside the latest Chromium build for Mac, blocking access to all of your saved passwords until you’ve provided your system password. Under previous releases, users simply had to enter a special address to access all of the login credentials they had saved inside the browser, providing access to anyone who uses your computer.

Understandably, this became a major security concern for Chrome users when it was discovered, so the update will be a welcome one for many. But it’s not available to the public just yet. The change was made inside Chromium, a special version of Chrome for Mac that allows users to test pre-release feature before they make their way into public hands.

Providing there are no major issues with it, though, the feature should make its way to the public release in the coming weeks. Then you’l be able to finally save your passwords in Chrome again, secure in the knowledge that your system password is required to access them.

Source: François Beaufort