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WSJ: The iPad Mini Will Go Retina On Tuesday


Nexus 7 and iPad mini

Will Apple unveil the Retina iPad mini on Tuesday or won’t they? There’s been a lot of back and forth on this vital point in the past few weeks, but now, the big boys are weighing in, with The Wall Street Journal affirming that Cupertino will indeed unveil a 2048 x 1536 version of it’s 7.9-inch tablet tomorrow.

Citing sources within Apple’s supply chain, The Wall Street Journal simply says that Apple will indeed unveil a Retina iPad mini tomorrow. Given the number of reports suggesting that Apple has had yield issues manufacturing Retina iPad mini displays, it seems that the Wall Street Journal believes Apple can overcome them for launch.

As for the iPad 5, nothing new here, with the Wall Street Journal saying that the 9.7-inch tablet will be thinner and lighter than its predecessors, with a thinner, more Mini-like Redesign and GF2 thin-film screen technology.

The Wall Street Journal has been known to get a few things wrong, but generally, if they are reporting something, it’s because Apple has secretly fed them the “leak” or a rock-solid source within Apple has confirmed the news. So expect a Retina Mini tomorrow. Thank god!

Source: Wall Street Journal