No Headphone Adapter Needed For PhoneSuit’s New iPhone 5s Elite Battery Case




PhoneSuit’s Elite battery case crushed the field during a week-long test of battery cases for the iPhone 4 two years ago, thanks to its unmatched sleekness and, at the time, relatively large battery.

The company has finally released an iPhone 5/s version of the case, with a revised form factor but the same 2100 mAh capacity.

While other cases may have caught up in the power-per-millimeters of thickness ratio, the Elite still has a trick up its sleeve: Unlike, say, Mophie’s cases, the Elite doesn’t require the use of a headphone adapter.

The case features a large cutout along the bottom edge that allows headphones to be plugged straight into the iPhone — and it looks like it’ll even work with most angled headphone jacks.

Also interesting is that PhoneSuit says the case can fully charge a depleted iPhone in less that two-hours.

Other notable features, most of which are retained from the original: five-bar LED fuel gauge, flush power/fuel gauge button and charge/sync via a bottom-mounted micro-USB port.

The PhoneSuit Elite iPhone 5/s battery case is available now for $100, but currently only from PhoneSuit’s own website.

Source: PhoneSuit