Gruesome iPhone-Augmented Halloween Shirts Get Even More Disgusting (But Easier To Use)



We posted all about NASA engineer Mark Roper’s gruesome, iPhone-augmented Halloween shirts last year. Since then, Mark has quit his job at NASA to focus on Halloween. The result is more designs and, even better, both an improved t-shirt and a horribly gruesome effect worthy of being designed by someone who worked on the Mars Curiosity rover.

Last year, Mark had us duct-taping (NASA engineers love their duct tape) our iPhones to the inside of specially designed shirts available from his website, Digital Dudz. You’d download the free companion app, select an effect in the app that matched your t-shirt, cut an appropriate hole in the shirt, apply duct-taped iPhone and voila, there’s an animated beating heart through a gaping wound, or you’re wearing a face with a freaky wandering eyeball on your chest.

This year, Mark got rid of both the need for duct tape and taking an knife to the shirts by including a Velcro phone pocket inside all the shirts and precutting all the holes. Now there’s also an Android app, and the Velcro pockets are big enough to swallow a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Reflecting the improvements, the shirts have seen a small $5 jump from last year, to $30.

Many of last year’s shirts are back, with some new ones, including a masterpiece: an accelerometer-triggered effect that looks like a hand reaching in and pulling out your innards. You’ll need an accomplice to act out the innard-pulling motions, then react by sharply pushing your chest out as if your friend had plunged his hand into your back; the app will pick up your movement and trigger the effect.

Source: Digital Dudz