Tick To-Do List Makes iOS 7 Look Like An Old B&W Photo


Oh God. My eyes!
Oh God. My eyes!

Tick is a brand-new ToDo app (yup, another one) that offers one big feature not found in the built-in Reminder app: Color. Actually, that;s not quite true; Tick offers bright, 1980s-style neon color, unlike the tastefully bright hues built into to iOS 7.

Aside from the acid colors, the app also lets you pick from a range of eye-burning icons to head up your lists, and these lists are laid out in a pictorial grid instead of in a regular list-shaped list. These icons also animate when you do something to the list – snow falls from Christmas trees, airplanes zoom away, it all sounds fantastic[^sarcasm].

Other than the looks, the app does little that you can’t already do with the native Reminders app. You can share whole lists via AirDrop, which is pretty neat, but that’s about it.

So if you like color, and enjoy dickering with the looks of your to-do list rather than actually doing the tasks on that list, then Tick is for you. $1.

Source: TapHive