Complete List Of iPhone 5s Shipping Times From The Online Apple Store And U.S. Carriers [Chart]




Getting a gold iPhone 5s has become nearly impossible the last few days – unless you’re willing to shell out some cash on eBay. As demand has ramped up to a fever pitch, online shipping estimates have slipped deep into October. To keep track of all the changing shipping estimates Walter Piecyk at BTIG shared the following chart on Twitter this afternoon.

All carriers and the Online Apple Store are now estimating that new iPhone 5s orders won’t ship until October regardless of color, so if you’re wanting an iPhone 5s before the holidays you better jump on it. Keep in mind that even though the online shipping estimates appear dire, if you want to get an iPhone 5s sooner you can still check for stock at your local Apple Store which should be receiving new iPhone 5s shipments nearly every day.


Source: Walter Piecyk