Plicopá Carboard iPad Case Unfolds Into A Sturdy Stand




The Plicopá is a cardboard iPad sleeve which unfolds and refolds into a sturdy tablet stand, ready to support your iPad for poking, or just to prop it up while you tap out words on an external keyboard. It looks to be pretty much ideal for travelers.

Designed and engineered by Brazilians Gustavo Arguello and Carla Martins, the Plicopá is light, slim, sturdy and can be had covered with designed from a huge variety of artists. In this regard it reminds me of the ring binders we used to use in school, only with good designs on them instead of football team logos for the boys and … actually, I don’t remember what the girls had.

I have my eye on this, or at least a home-cut version. I use the Smart Cover almost exclusively on my iPad Mini, but when I stuff it in my bag to get in a plane, I often want a little more protection. And if I’m working on the trip, I also want somewhere to prop the iPad while I type. So the ~£18 (around $27) looks like the perfect travel companion. It’s also a pretty good disguise for the iPad within.

The Plicopá is available now, and you can even put your own design on there if you’re willing to buy enough of them (for corporate giveaways I guess).

Source: Plicopa