Magnefix Shows Apple How Smart Cover Should Work




The Magnefix book case for the iPad mini solves two problems: first, it protects the edges and corners of the little iPad like the Smart Cover never can, and second, it converts into a stand that doesn’t suck – the opposite of the iPad Mini’s own Smart Cover.

And, as all future-looking gadgets do, it works with the help of frikkin’ magnets.


The case, which costs £36 (or $58) is made with an polypropylene core and a TPU outer, with a microfiber lining to keep the screen nice and clean. To turn it into a stand, you open it up, flip the cover round back and the magnets take over, snapping the cover into place to make a sturdy stand. Compare this to the Apple case which collapses like a house of cards the first time you tap the screen.

That said, I will remain a loyal user of the official cover as it does what I need (screen protection, sleep/wake) and weighs almost nothing. Plus, it’s a pretty great tool for killing mosquitos (when removed from the iPad of course).

The new Magnefix is available now.

Source: C6

  • KTGHowie

    Looks nice. The Smart Cover has worked pretty well for me, but I don’t like that it offers no protection at all for the edges. Why couldn’t Apple give us a Smart Case like they did for the larger iPads? I have managed to keep the edges from scratching a lot, but I have a few areas where the black paint has rubbed off…conveniently where the Smart Cover is supposed to be protecting it! Of course there’s no use complaining to Apple about this. They will call it “normal wear and tear”.