Kanex Multi-Sync Keyboard Hooks Up Via Bluetooth Or USB



If you want to get serious about typing on all your devices (and I mean all) (and I also mean serious), then the new Kanex Multi-Sync Keyboard is what you want. It’s a full-sized keyboard with a number pad, and it can connect to one device via USB, plus three more via Bluetooth, switching between them at the touch of a button.


I actually have one here on my desk to review, but as it’s only been there for a couple of days you’ll have to wait for that. It has a microUSB port in the back to hook up to a Mac (or PC I guess), and provision to pair with three BT devices. It has dedicated keys to switch between them, plus keys for controlling both the Mac and iOS (there are giant home and search buttons at the bottom left and right of the main section, and all the volume/brightness/media keys you have come to expect.

My daily keyboard is Logitech’s Easy Switch, which does the same thing only without the number pad and USB, but with a backlight (and with nicer keys), and the Kanex improves on that in two ways. First, I prefer a wired keyboard – BT adds a delay when waking everything from sleep – and second I like the fact that the Kanex doesn’t have to be turned off to silence its lights. That’s because it doesn’t have any, but still.

The keyboard also comes with a handy iPad stand.

The Multi-Sync Keyboard is available now for €69 or $69.

Source: Kanex