Twitter’s iOS 7 App Will Get A New Feed Dedicated To TV



Thanks to all of Jony’s changes with iOS 7, every app developer in the world is hurrying to finish their iOS 7 overhaul. Twitter is busy at work on their update too, except rather than just making everything flatter with shimmering gradients, Twitter plans to introduced a new feed dedicated to everything about TV, according to AllThingsD.

Twitter’s not just focusing on aesthetics for the iOS 7 redesign, as the company wants to make its mobile apps more appealing for casual users. According to AllThingsD, the new TV feed will become a big part of Twitter’s pitch to connect to new users:

“…the biggest change will be centered on that which Twitter wants to be connected to the most: Television. Sources say that Twitter is experimenting with another stream dedicated solely to TV-related tweets and conversations, one which will likely find its way into Twitter’s new redesigned app.”

Many Twitter fanatics already associate the app as the go-to-place to talk about TV shows and events as they air, but the updated interface will allow first-timers to easily connect with conversations surrounding favorite shows. All you will have to do is tap on the TV tab and you’ll see trending topics for favorite dramas as they air.

Twitter will keep its main, reverse-chronological stream that users are familiar with, along with the stream dedicated to interactions between users, but the update will provide more visual experience. This will be Twitter’s third major redesign since it was founded seven years ago and should be available shortly after Apple releases iOS 7 on September 18th.



Source: AllThingsD