Apple Pushing Safari Site Notifications To Devs In New Email


Trolling CNN, Apple? Hmm,
Trolling CNN, Apple? Hmm, "Breaking News," indeed.

Apple just sent out an email to developers that promotes the upcoming Mavericks fature of Safari Push Notifications. The subject line reads, “Get ready for Safari Push Notifications,” and features the above image, with a push notification from well-known site, CNN, prominently displayed.

The rest of the email point out that the new feature, introduced in the upcoming OS X Mavericks release, will let website owners and developers use the Apple Push Notifications Service to send notifications directly to website users on their Mac desktop, even when Safari isn’t running, similarly to how iOS push notifications work.

Users will get a website icon and a notification text, assumedly one that’s customized by the originating website owner, and will be able to click on the notification to go right to the website.

The email concludes with a link to the Apple Developers website that explains more about the Safari Push Notifications, including links to videos and documentation on how to connect a website to the system.

Source: Apple Developer