Apple’s New iPhones To Be Delivered To U.K. Retailers For September 20 Launch [Rumor]


Should you avoid this delightful eye-candy to save a few bucks?
Should you avoid this delightful eye-candy to save a few bucks?

Apple will begin delivering its new iPhones to retailers in the United Kingdom ahead of the handset’s launch on Friday, September 20, according to sources close to courier companies who have been speaking to The Telegraph. The Cupertino company has reportedly scheduled two “bookings” in anticipation of the early demand — but how many iPhones will be included in the shipments?

According to “sources close to people involved in the courier industry,” Apple will make two deliveries to U.K. retailers in mid-September — one before Friday, September 20, and another before Friday, September 27. And it appears that they will include more than just one iPhone variation.

“It is not clear whether the first date could be for an initial smaller delivery while the second is for a larger shipment of the same device, but new stands for shops include three slots for products, rather than the existing two,” reports The Telegraph’s Matt Warman.

“The implication is that there will be two new products.”

That’s little surprise at this point given all of the leaks surrounding the iPhone 5C, a new low-cost device that is expected to make its debut alongside the iPhone 5S. While the iPhone 5S will succeed the iPhone 5 as Apple’s premium, high-end smartphone, the iPhone 5C is target a new audience that Apple hasn’t really focused on in the past.

It will be made of plastic and it will cost a lot less then previous iPhones, providing those on a budget with more affordable access to the iPhone the Apple ecosystem. It will predominantly target emerging markets, but it’s thought that the device will also go on sale in America and Europe, too.

We’ve already heard that the new iPhones will go on sale in the U.S. on September 20, but you never can be sure whether the same date will also apply to international markets. If The Telegraph’s sources have provided accurate information, it seems the U.K. will get in on the launch day action as well.

We’re expecting Apple to announce the new iPhones on September 10, so you can expect to see invitations making their way to the press any time now.

Source: The Telegraph

  • winegar72

    The three slots could also indicate 3 color variations for the same device. Black, White and Gold for example…

  • m_hardwick

    I’ve heard that Three UK stores are expected to receive stock on the 21st.