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It’s Infected Vs Survivor In World Zombination From Proletariat Games [PAX 2013]



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SEATTLE, PAX 2013 – We spent some time talking to Geoff Pitsch with Proletariat games at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) this weekend, looking at the company’s upcoming iPad game, World Zombination. The game is a faction-based, real time tactical, massively multiplayer game with real-world activity recorded across all players. All battles take place in areas based on real-world cities.

Currently, the zombies are winning.

As it stands now, the game has you choose a faction, infected or survivor, and lets you manage your army upon a post-apocalyptic world. If you’re playing as the zombies, you’ll release hordes of basic zombies which can then mutate upwards to bigger and badder creatures, like spitters or tanks. If you’re a survivor player, you’ll get a smaller amount of different classed fighters, from snipers to chainsaw dudes to medics. You’ll be limited to less units, but they’ll do more damage.

Here’s a Vine video showing one of the spawned zombie hordes.

Once your fighters or zombies are placed on the map, they’ll do their thing, independently of your input. There’s no micromanagement here, so it’s more a matter of choosing your units strategically, and making sure you have enough of the right class on the screen at any one time.

Pitsch hails from Harmonix, and he said that the rest of the Proletariat team comes from high end studios like Disney, Irrational, and Zynga, among others. It’s a common story here at PAX this year, with developers and designers getting into the indie scene en force.

World Zombination is still in the early stages of development, but the team hopes to have it released soon to the iOS App Store. We’ll keep an eye on the details as they happen and keep you updated.

Image: AndroidShock