The Armpocket i30 Is An Affordable, Essential iPhone 5 Armband For Athletic Types [Review]


Arm Pocket i30

The problem with many armbands that I’ve used over the years is twofold. One, if the armband is too small, it only holds an iPhone without a case and nothing else. Too big and it’s unwieldy to use. Two, unless it’s cinched incredibly tight on a bicep, the weight of the phone tends to bounce while running, making the whole concept less than useful.

i30 Armband by Armpocket
Category: iPhone Cases
Works With: iPhone 5
Price: $39.95

The Armpocket i30 armband is a fantastic little iPhone 5 holder that solves both of these problems, with a large enough pocket to hold an iPhone 5 and its case, as well as some extra items like a small amount of cash, a couple of keys, and an ID or credit card. The i30 is perfect for walking, running, hiking, and pretty much any physical activity that requires easy storage of and access to an iPhone 5, when pockets aren’t an option.

Arm Pocket i30 backStrapping the Armpocket i30 to my arm is super comfortable, thanks to the padded mesh-like material that the unit has on the back of it. The large span of the area that touches the arm keeps the Armpocket secure without having to over tighten it, making for a much more comfortable run.

There are two flaps on the bottom that allow headphone wires through, which is ideally placed for the iPhone 5’s bottom-end headphone jack placement. There’s a nice little headphone loop to slide the wire up through towards the top of the armband that keeps my Earpods from flapping about too much. The canvas-like material feels strong and durable; I’m not worried about protecting the case itself from scratches or tears as I have been about others I’ve used.

Arm Pocket i30 OpenThe i30’s storage is generous without being too bulky, providing three separate sections to hold stuff in place via a pocket in front and a strap on the back. My iPhone 5 remains in the delightful Truffol case I reviewed a few weeks back, and it fits into the armband quite nicely. I’m also able to drop my house key in there, attached to the keyring I keep it on, and a few bucks spare cash to bribe any moose I come across during my run.

The hardest part of using an iPhone in any armband is accessing the touchscreen while running. I don’t advise it, to be honest. However, the plastic covering across the front of the i30 is thin enough to allow the capacitive touch of my finger to activate icons on my iPhone 5’s touchscreen if I need to.

“The i30 is perfect for walking, running, hiking, and pretty much any physical activity…”

There’s nothing bad to say about the Armpocket i30, truly. It matches my specific needs fairly nicely, comes in a decent variety of colors, and costs about forty bucks. What’s not to like?

Arm Pocket i30
Product Name: : Armpocket i30
The Good: Solidly constructed and well-designed; holds enough stuff without becoming unwieldy.
The Bad: Nothing bad, unless $40 is too rich for your blood.
The Verdict The Armpocket i30 is the largest of the models available, yet still manages to feel secure on the arm without a need to over-tighten. The rugged construction and the clever features, like a headphone wire flap on the bottom, make for a fantastic product that does what it promises to.
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  • mister_rabbit

    Have you used the Tunebelt armband? (

    How does it compare in comfort? From the photos the Armpocket seems a bit bulkier.

  • roblef

    Have you used the Tunebelt armband? (

    How does it compare in comfort? From the photos the Armpocket seems a bit bulkier.

    I have not used the Tunebelt, no, and I agree that the Armpocket seems bulkier. It doesn’t look like the Tunebelt for iPhone 5 would carry much more than the device, though, while the Armpocket was able to hold quite a bit more inside. Still no bounce, though, which I thought was great.

  • HTraze

    Is the Iphone5 fitting also without a case? And is the armband waterproof?

  • BBQpancakes

    Awesome review, great looking product! HTraze, they have different models for different sizes/types of phones. I think there is one for just an iPhone 5 that is a little smaller. I’m still rocking an iPhone 4 so I’ll go with the smaller one.

  • sztim

    NEW iPhone5/5s leather case come from