Apple Stores selling pre-wrapped gifts for Christmas



If you’re looking for that last minute gift, an Apple Store is a fine destination. But if, like my hirsute Uncle Bob, your wrapping skills max out at wadding a clump of disintegrating newspaper around your gift and entombing it in an impenetrable, inch-thick layer of duct tape upon which you’ve written your season’s greeting in bold, permanent marker, the Apple Store might also have you covered: select Apple Stores are now offering free wrapping.

The way Apple is handling wrapping is smart. Instead of buying your iPod or MacBook Pro and then thrusting it at some beleaguered wrapper temp, already light-headed from papercut induced blood loss, Apple has set up an express line which sells exclusively pre-wrapped gifts.

Personally, I really do think presentation is a large part of gift giving: I have a theory of Christmas that is largely still informed by the notion of a magical elfin hippopotamus, clad in crimson, slipping down the chimney in the middle of the night to transubstantiate gifts under the tree from thin air. Laziness in gift wrapping is always met with a scowl, because it removes the magic of Christmas: for example, last Christmas at my parent’s house, I would “unwrap” a present from a gift bag, only to have to immediately hand the bag back to my kind, generous but ineffably lazy father so he could drop another gift into it.

That all said, I know I’m in the minority… and I seriously doubt that, grumping aside, I would meet spotting a present wrapped in Apple branded paper under the tree would be met with anything short of giddy beaming. An excellent system indeed, Apple.

[via Business Insider]