AgileBits Discounts 1Password 4 For iOS As Dropbox Syncing Stops In Previous Versions



AgileBits has announced today that 1Password 4 will be on sale for just $7.99 for a limited time. That’s 55% off its regular price tag, and the app’s cheapest price tag to date. But what’s the reason for the sale? Well, on September 1, Dropbox syncing will stop in 1Password 3 for iOS, and AgileBits wants you to upgrade to the latest version to keep this functionality.

1Password 3 uses a legacy Dropbox API to sync all of your passwords between your iOS devices via your Dropbox account. But on September 1, Dropbox is killing that API and syncing will stop. The only way to maintain it is to upgrade to 1Password 4—the latest version—and AgileBits wants to make that as smooth as possible for you.

“To make this transition as easy as possible, we’re putting 1Password 4 for iOS on sale for over 55 percent off,” the company writes on its blog. “It’s a single, universal app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that regularly sells for $17.99 USD, but we’ll put it on sale for just $7.99.”

The sale starts today and it’s currently unclear how long it will last, so if you want to upgrade, it’s probably best you do it fairly quickly to take advantage of the lower price tag. As I mentioned above, this is the cheapest price tag 1Password 4 has had since it hit the App Store on December 12, so this isn’t a reduction AgileBits makes frequently.

Of course, if you use 1Password 3 without Dropbox syncing, then you can continue to do so. The app is still supported by AgileBits, and everything but Dropbox syncing will continue to work as it should. But if you’ve been thinking about upgrading anyway, now is a good time to do so.

Source: AgileBits