Apple Maps Now Shows UK Roads In Correct Colors



Good news for Brits: the new iOS 7 beta 4 has changed the colors of motorways and A-roads to match the long established scheme used in all other UK maps. Now the motorways (freeways) are drawn in blue and the A-roads (main roads, with one or two-lanes) are green.

Compare this with the Google Map (on the right) which shows regular Google road colors. This is probably great for visitors to the UK, but folks used to using printed maps of the British Isles will prefer the Apple versions. To be honest, the Google eversion is way clearer at this distance, but I do like to see the motorways in blue, as God intended.

Another new addition to Apple’s Maps in iOS7 beta 4 is the choice to “Improve Maps,” which lets you choose whether to send various bits of info to Apple’s servers in order to improve maps. Currently the page – which pops up on first run – looks like this:

I opted in.

Source: Twitter

  • wdowell

    This is great. and how it should be. Just as the signs should be localised, so should the colour scheme. I am surprised Google hasn’t.

  • 5imo

    Google use to have the correct colours for Britain but recently switched to the current one.