AOC Unveils Its New Cafe-Ready Portable USB-Powered Display


AOC didn't have an image with a MacBook. Pthhh.


AOC’s new USB-powered, 16-inch LCD display may be a godsend for travelers who occasionally need a little extra MacBook screen real estate.

The AOC screen plugs into a USB 3 port (and only a USB 3 port), and just like any other external monitor can either mirror or augment a MacBook’s screen. The screen’s resolution is 1366×768, which covers an area of 15.6 inches — not quite the resolution of the standard 15″ MBP’s screen, but not that far off.

AOC has had a 16″ portable display in its lineup for a while, so this is really just an upgrade: The older one runs off USB 2 and is 13mm thicker. Also, the new monitor comes with a travel sleeve, an amenity its predecessor lacks.

AOC says the display will be available next month for $139, but it can be pre-ordered now on Amazon.