Here’s How To Cache Your Maps To Access Google Maps Offline [iOS Tips]



Got a Wi-Fi-only iPad, but want to access a location on Google Maps when you’re out and about in the car? How about looking at your map when the signal on your iPhone isn’t strong enough, or even when it’s non-existent?

Well, the latest iOS version of Google Maps has been updated, and one of the less publicized features is the ability to save locations for access offline. The Android version has had this feature for a while, but this is the first time the iOS one has gotten the ability.

The way you activate this feature is also kind of cute, so check it out.

Simply put, all you need to do to save a specific area of Google Maps is to navigate there on your iPad or iPhone, zoom in to the level you want to save, and then type “OK maps” into the Search field. You’ll then see the screen above, which lets you know that Google is loading the map for offline access.

If Google Maps balks, saying the area is too big to cache, you’ll just need to zoom in a bit until Google Maps can handle the information. In addition, to get to your offline map area, you’ll need to just navigate there manually – there’s really no way to save an offline area as a bookmark, though you can, I suppose, save a spot on the saved map to go to when offline.

Let me know how you use this new feature in the comments below!

Source: CNET
Via: Macworld Hints

  • Tjohns34

    Trying it now…

  • FiveOhFour

    can you cache multiple areas or does each one overwrite the previous

  • Steven Quan

    Sort of agree with Lefebvre. Google Maps on Android does allow you to pre-cache up to 10 different maps but it’s not activated by default. Maybe they updated it so that it’s different now, but the way mine is setup, I go into Google Labs Experiments, then click on “Pre-cache maps”. You also get the option to draw a line between any 2 points on the map and it will tell you the distance between the two points, very handy because you aren’t just limited to 2 points, you can have multiple points which will total the distances accordingly.

    divided into continents and countries