Chrome For iOS Updated With Ties To Other Google Apps, iPad FullScreen Mode, More



Google has released version 28 (yes, 28) of Chrome for iOS in the App Store. The universal app now has “improved interoperability with many other Google Apps” and a host of other improvements.

Here’s the full list of changes:

  • Interoperability with other Google Apps
  • Option to open links for YouTube, Maps, G+ and Drive in the app instead of the browser.
  • Enhancements to voice search
  • Text-to-speech for all variations of English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Japanese, and Korean.
  • Toolbar controls are always available when using voice search
  • Fullscreen on iPad
  • Data cost savings
  • Reduce data usage and speed up page load times.  View data savings in Bandwidth Management settings.  This feature is being rolled out and will be available to all users over time.
  • Access to browser history
  • Stability / security improvements and bug fixes

The tie-ins with other Google apps means that links in Chrome can be opened directly in iOS apps like YouTube and Google Maps (which was also recently updated with iPad support). “After you sign in to Chrome, you can sign in to other Google apps with a single click,” according to Google. “In addition, if you prefer to follow directions in the Google Maps app instead of in the browser, you can easily set a preference to open these links in the Maps app instead. Try the same for YouTube, Google+, and Google Drive (with more apps coming soon).”

The data compression is an interesting feature that aims to help conserve data on cellular connections and load webpages faster.

Chrome is available in the App Store for free.

Via: Google Chrome Blog