Dumbass Steals iPhones, Leaves His Samsung Galaxy Behind


Customers might avoid this delightful eye-candy to save a few bucks.
Customers might avoid this delightful eye-candy to save a few bucks.

We all know how exciting getting your first iPhone can be. But you should always remember to take your old phone home with you when you upgrade at the store — particularly if you decided to steal your iPhone rather than pay for it.

One man was caught red-handed for a robbery at a DMW Wireless store in Springfield, Virginia, when he left his Samsung Galaxy behind after fleeing the scene.

Travis Montgomery Snyder, 25, was arrested on Monday in Remington, Va., after stealing “several” iPhones from the DMW Wireless store back in February.

According to a search warrant, police were able to link him to the crime after finding his Galaxy smartphone under a pile of broken glass near the store’s entrance.

Surveillance footage from the store on Spring Garden Drive also showed a man matching Snyder’s description, The Washington Post reports.

He might as well have left his name and address on the counter.

Source: The Washington Post

  • Bulldogger123

    He should have just thrown the Galaxy away!

  • joewaylo

    I’ll bet Samsung isn’t too happy having a galaxy at the scene of a crime.

  • CarlScott20

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  • Ianthetechman

    Obviously the fella wanted a PROPER smartphone not a plastic imitation.