Snake-Like Anakonda Speakers Look More Like Speaker Cables



If you ever walked around Las Vegas’ Strip, you’ll be familiar with its drunken-theme-park aesthetic. Every hedge and lawn is watered and trimmed to Disney-esque perfection. Every sidewalk is swept. The only difference is that the pedestrians carry three-foot-long plastic tubes of some sickly pink liquor.

And of course, there are hidden speakers everywhere. Now, those speakers could be replaced with Anakondas.

The Anakonda, from K-Array, is an outdoor speaker shaped like — you guessed it — a snake. Each snake is a bendy, 2-meter speaker that looks like nothing more than a heavy speaker cable. You can daisy-chain up to 32 snakes into a 64-meter (210-foot) monster. The snakes can even be slipped into custom socks to disguise, brand or protect them.

They’re not lightweight. Each snake weighs in at over three pounds (1.4Kg) and they put out 150 watts apiece. That’s more than enough to keep your garden-party rocking and conversation-free.

The big question is, can you run it from your iPhone? And the answer is yes – if you buy the right hookups to do it. Oh yeah, and they cost $900 each.

Source: K-Array
Via: Andrew Liszewski