SpoolStool Puts Power Under Your Posterior



This is the SpoolStool, and it answers the question “why do I have to buy uncomfortable furniture and power adapters separately?”

The stool is three-legged so you can use it anywhere, guaranteeing you the opportunity to put a big crick in your back even on the most uneven of ground. But that’s not the cool thing about the SpoolStool. No, this stool also has a spool: like a giant cotton reel, the stool has a v-section channel in the edge of its upper surface (the seat) around which is wrapped a rather handsome braided cable. Plug this in and – while you are standing up to do it – you’ll reveal three extra power points for hooking up your MacBook or iDevice (or anything else).

There’s even an LED lamp in one of the legs to make an impromptu light source.

Thankfully the sockets are hidden underneath the stool so you can still sit on it while using them, making this a rather fantastic bit of furniture – I have an adjustable-height stool in the house and it’s useful for all kinds of things, including a seat; a nightstand; a laptop desk; and a really, really dangerous ladder.

Sadly this is a concept design. But while you might not get to enjoy its handy power-extending abilities, you will at least avoid a trip to the chiropractor.

Source: Yanko

  • joewaylo

    Looks like a trip hazard to me. If you get up at the wrong spot, you will trip on the cord. Or forget to wind it up and you’ll trip on the cord.