iOS Hacker P0sixninja Says His Next Project Is Amazing, Bigger Than A Jailbreak



iOS hacker Joshua Hill, more commonly known as P0isxninja, has taken to Twitter to announce that “amazing things” are coming to us all soon. The details of Hill’s latest project are still a mystery, so we have no idea what he’s planning to unveil. But he says “think bigger than jailbreak.”

What could be bigger than a jailbreak for iOS users? Maybe the ability to install custom tweaks and other unauthorized software without having to jailbreak?

We have no idea, really, but given Hill’s background, we’re very excited.

Hill was part of the original Chronic Dev Team, a group of hackers responsible for some of the biggest and most important iOS jailbreaks to date. He parted ways with the rest of the team last August, and he’s been focusing on his own projects since.

Back in March, Hill teased an iOS 7 jailbreak on Twitter, writing, “well, so far it looks like the next jailbreak might be created entirely by me.” Given that iOS 7 is still months away from release, and Hill’s next project is “bigger” than a jailbreak, we’re going to assume this isn’t it.

Source: Twitter

Via: iFans

  • pzumk

    “I can get a copy of any apple internal firmware, aka signed version of ssh of telnet ;-P” –

  • luisfrocha

    Bigger than a jailbreak? I can think of replacing the entire UI like HTC or Facebook and others do, where they place their own interface on top of Android :) Or maybe it’s about making OS X run natively on iPhone/iPad, or iOS on Mac hardware? :D just guessing.

  • djmannyc

    iOS running on an Android phone would be focking epic but I’m dreaming, I know.