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The ‘Budget’ iPhone Is Rounder, Slightly Thicker Than The iPhone 5 [Image]



With the iPhone 5S shaping up to be pretty much an identical device to last year’s iPhone 5 except a marginally faster processor and (fingers crossed!) some cool new fingerprint sensor technology, eyes are on the so-called “budget iPhone” as 2013’s new hotness.

Although the ‘budget iPhone’ will address the mid-market, it’s still an exciting device, rumored to be the first iPhone to come in an iPod-palette of colors. Otherwise, though, we don’t know a lot about what it looks like.

Far East case makers might, though. MGM Corporation, an Asian casemaker, has posted a first look at a case for the budget iPhone. It doesn’t show much, except that the budget iPhone is about 2mm thicker than the iPhone 5, and has rounded corners instead of the iPhone 5’s square shape.

Here’s some video, showing it from all sides.

Case makers, of course, often make bets on upcoming Apple designs, and sometimes lose hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to get a jump on competitors by ordering cases for rumored iOS designs that don’t end up panning out. So take with a grain of salt.

Still, that is a very lithe, attractive shape for an iPhone to have, especially for a few hundred dollars less than the iPhone 5. What do you think?

Source: Macotakara
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