Wall Street Journal: iRadio Is The Biggest Music Industry Deal Apple Has Inked Since iTunes



We’ve been hearing a ton of leaks and details about Apple’s new iRadio streaming music service lately, enough to get a complete picture of the Pandora-like service, which will not only serve up a streaming music station of music you’ll like based upon your iTunes collection, but allow you to buy any tracks you hear with a single tap. And it’ll all be supported by iAds.

All the music labels are reportedly on board, and so we should hear Tim Cook announce the service in just a few hours. But in case there was any doubt, the Wall Street Journal is now weighing in, confirming that iRadio is a go.

According to The Wall Street Journal, discussions about iRadio started with the music industry over a year ago, but as usual, the music publishers dragged their feet, causing Apple to have no choice but to temporarily shelf their iRadio plans. When Google unveiled Google Play Music All Access last month, though, the discussions heated up again.

The Journal says that Eddy Cue, the guy who got iTunes up and running, spearheaded discussions with the labels. And that’s important, because the paper also claims that iRadio is the most important and ambitious collaboration that Apple has ever had with the music industry since the launch of iTunes ten years ago.

So iRadio’s real, it’ll be announced today, and it’s going to be a big deal. As soon as developers get access to iRadio, we’ll have a full walkthrough.

Source: Wall Street Journal