AluPocket, A Post-Lightning iPhone ‘Dock’



I like the direction iPhone docks are headed in, post-Lightning. It seems that making a dock with the little connector is too hard, or manufacturers have already been stung once by the switch from 30-pin connectors, or that they’ve just gotten sick of paying Apple’s Made For iPhone fees.

The upshot is that they’ve gone back to basics. Instead of making a dock, they’re making things that do the job of a dock. And what is a dock’s job? To hold your iPhone, and to (optionally) charge it.

The Alupocket does both, but it does it on the form of an aluminum taco which is stuck to the wall.

The AluPocket, from the master aluminum-mongers at Just Mobile, uses modern-day adhesive strips to stick to any flat surface, and provides a safe pocket into which to pop your iPhone. There’s a strip cut into the front to allow the cable to be slotted in, but without the Lightning plug being able to slip back out.

And that’s it. Simple, effective and great to look at, just like most of Just Mobile’s gear. You could stick it to the back of your cubicle to claim back precious desk space, or slap it on the wall next to your bed to make a nighttime charging station. And it even works with iPhones in cases.

The price? The same as you’d pay for any half-decent dock: $30

Source: JustMobile