iPod And iPads Now Cost More In The Japanese Online Apple Store


Japanese iPad and iPod

Apple has increased the prices for the iPad mini, iPad, and iPod touch in the online Apple Store in Japan.

According to Reuters, the Japanese yen continues to weaken after a devaluation across the past several months, which could be the reason for the price increase.

Prior to the increase, the least expensive entry level iPad (4th generation) was priced at ¥42,800, while the smaller iPad mini came in at ¥28,800. Today’s increase in price brings the iPad and iPad mini to ¥49,800 and ¥32,800, respectively, a difference of about $40 for the iPad mini and $70 for its larger sibling. That means that to purchase a 16G Wi-Fi iPad mini in Japan will now cost consumers $324, and the larger iPad 16G Wi-Fi model to $492.87, using current exchange rates.

The iPod touch had its own price increase of about ¥5,000, with the base model 5th generation 32G iPod touch retailing for ¥29,800.

Apple has raised its prices before. In 2011, Apple adjusted prices upward to compensate for higher taxes in Japan.

Source: Reuters