CW Coming To Apple TV As First Network To Offer Access Without A Cable Subscription


Well, it's not HBO, but it's a start.
Well, it's not HBO, but it's a start.

Well, that’s some positive news. The CW television network is bringing its television content to the Apple TV, the first network to do so directly, instead of via Netflix or Hulu. Even better, you won’t have to have a cable subscription to access the CW programming on Apple’s set top box, like many other content providers require.

The CW plans on launching an app to bring shows like Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, and 90210 sometime in the next few weeks, according to a report at Deadline, though no release date has been reported.

The plans were announced by the CW Network at its annual ad sales event today. According to MacRumors, the CW app will bring content similar to what the network already provides to XBox and other mobile platforms, with ads to support the programming rather than a cable subscription. The shows will go live on Apple TV the day after they air on regular cable TV.

During the sales presentation, aimed primarily at current and potential advertisers with the CW, President Mark Pedowitz said that his network is starting to negotiate rates for ads that are seen up to seven days after the original air date, instead of the more traditional three day rate. This model makes more sense in a world full of DVRs and nontraditional content watching, like via the Apple TV, game consoles, and mobile devices like the iPad.

This is a vital next step for all of us cable-cutters, with stalwarts like HBO continuing to require users to log in to their cable subscriptions in order to view programming on the HBO Go mobile app. We can only hope more networks find this to be a worthwhile move, as we all migrate to a more internet-based TV habit via Netflix, Hulu, and the Apple TV.

Will we, one day, use our Apple TVs to “tune into” content from a wide variety of content providers? Here’s hoping that day isn’t too far off.

Source: Deadline
Via: The Verge

  • rwmcgrann

    One small step for Apple, one giant kick to the nuts for cable companies. Many fingers crossed, other networks will follow suit.

  • lowtolerance

    I don’t care if the CW sucks, this is awesome, and I hope other networks follow suit sooner rather than later. Suck it, cable companies.

  • SalHepatica

    The CW is not a cable network. It is provided to TV viewers via a network of old-school terrestrial over-the-air broadcasters. Anybody who has a CW affiliate in their viewing area can get it over a pair of rabbit ears. Anybody who has the CW on their cable lineup is receiving it via a local TV station. So your headline is misleading.