iPhone 5S Mass-Production Will Start Next Month [Report]



Every time Apple makes a new iPhone, it needs to go into production earlier and earlier to accomodate the bonkers-go-nuts launch demand for the latest Jesus phone.

No wonder, then, that iPhone 5S mass production is starting to kick off, with a new report saying that Sharp, one of Apple’s major panel providers, is revving up its engines to mass produce IPS LCD displays for the iPhone 5S, starting as early as next month.

According to a report from a Japanese publication, Sharp will begin producing LCD panels in June at its Kameyama Plant in the Mie Prefecure of Japan.

And since Apple needs millions of LCDs for an iPhone launch, they’ve ordered display panels from LG and Japan Display as well.

There’s scant other details in this report, but if for some reason you weren’t paying attention to Tim Cook forecasting no new iPhones or iPads until fall during the latest earnings call, here’s your proof that the iPhone 5S isn’t landing this summer. Instead, it’s on track for a fall release.

Source: Nikkan.co.jp
Via: iDownload Blog