Poketo Case Carries Cards, Cash And Cuteness



This cute little iPhone 5 case comes from Poketo, and not only coddles the iPhone within but also packs slots for your cash and cards. The twist here is that the cards sit safely on the inside instead of in a set of rear-cut slots on the back, and the whole thing snaps shut with a clicky clasp.

The Poketo comes in a rainbow range of colors, has two internal slits and loses with that magnetic clasp. There’re cutouts for all the ports and switches you need access to, and the case costs $38.


The bad: It looks to me like your cards are allowed to rub u against the screen of your iPhone, which means that there’s no soft microfiber to scrub away your greasy finger smears. It’s also fairly bulky – take a look at the product shots on the site and you’ll see just how thick the case is.

On the other hand, it seems to offer a lot of protection in a brightly colored package.

Available now.

Source: Poketo