Apple Releases Seed OS X 10.8.4, Build 12E36 To Developers


10.8.4 Developer Seed build 12E36

Seems like Apple is ramping up the developer seeds for the beta of OS X 10.8.4, with yet another release today, this one of seed Build 12E36.

Similar to the last seed, the release notes mention that the focus areas for developers to look at are Wi-Fi, Graphics Drivers, and Safari. The notes also say there are no Known Issues at this time.

This is the 4th release this month for the beta of OS X 10.8.4, while 10.8.3 (itself going through 13 revisions over a five month period) was released to the public a few weeks back. The previous 10.8.4 seeds were sent to developers on April 1, April 9, and April 17 of this year.

Source: Apple Developer