iPhone WhistleCase: You Can Guess What It Does



Hooooo! That, apparently, is the sound of an iPhone whistling. At least, that’s the sound of an iPhone whistling when its inside the WhistleCase, a combo tweeter and phone protector that actually looks cool enough to buy and use.

Why whistle? The site makes the case (sorry) for safety and for sports. I like the latter, as I’m such a pussy I never find myself in dangerous situations – unless you count the spilling of hot coffee onto my still-in-bed lap to be a dangerous situation.


I did, however, used to time our bike polo games, and shouting the players to a halt after ten minutes of play would always make me hoarse (well, that and the constant stream of beer and joints going around). This whistle would have been ideal.

It’s also a neat gadget to have if you get into trouble on your own. I carry a first-aid kit on multi-day bike trips, and inside is a little whistle to get attention should I, say, be knocked into a roadside ditch by some dick in a BMW (and trust me, it’s always a dick driving a BMW). That’s fine, but my first-aid kit is always in the bottom of a pannier, whereas my iPhone is always in my handlebar bag, much closer to hand.

There’s one reason you might not want to buy this $30 case: Children. Kids want to grab your iPhone all the time anyway, and that’s annoying enough. But put a whistle on it and your brat will be annoying the hell out of anyone and everyone. Forever.

Source: WhistleCase

Via: Andrew Liszewski