Zynga Brings Second Card Battler, War Of The Fallen, To iOS App Store


Looking good, Zynga.
Yet another card battler, because they make money.

Zynga, the veritable king of social game publishing, is bringing yet another card battling game to mobile platforms, starting with iOS today. War of the Fallen is a digital collectible card game, one that mirrors real-life card games like Magic: The Gathering. Zynga’s game is free-to-download now on the iOS App Store, and will come to the Google Play store, soon.

Like many other digital collectible card games, like Blizzard’s upcoming Hearthstone and Wizard of the Coast’s own Magic, War of the Fallen marries strong high fantasy storytelling with beautiful artwork and deep strategy. In War of the Fallen, the story is that an evil prison comet falls to Tyreon, breaking apart into shardstones. You’ll be tasked with becoming a Shardbreaker, freeing ancient gods trapped in these stones and fighting demonic forces, all with a deck of digital cards.

You’ll need to build and customize card decks and engage in many player vs player battles, leveling up along the way. The key to ultimate victory is, of course, evolving and combining cards into better decks than your opponents.

Zynga promises an accessible card battling game, with plenty of hints and tutorials. There’ll most likely be a ton of in-app purchases, as well, with boosts and card packs on offer, as with most of these types of games.

“It’s rare to find a card battler game that blends both accessibility and depth, and that’s what we’ve tried to deliver with War of the Fallen,” said General Manager Scott Koenigsberg in a statement. “We hope players – both seasoned card battler veterans and those that are new to the genre – love the level of polish, customization and new social innovations we’ve included.”

As this is Zynga, there’s a social feature built right in, called Guild Force. If you connect up with other players and friends, this Guild Force will boost your individual and team abilities in the game, making your and your allies’ cards stronger to win more battles.

War of the Fallen is free to download on the App Store, and currently supports English, Spanish, German, French, traditional and simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean for a truly international audience. Grab it in the App Store now, or head over to Facebook or the official website.

Source: App Store