Big Jambox Firmware Update Add Two Hours Battery Life, Better Everything



Owners of the Big Jambox are in for a treat. Just head over to the MyTalk page and administer a new firmware update. You ill be treated to two whole hours of extra battery life (in addition to the 15 you already enjoy) plus a host of genuinely hand new features.

AAC support gives a bigger range for anyone using an iDevice running iOS 6.1.x (and is what allows the extra battery life). You also get synced volume control (the buttons on the Jambox and the sliders on the iPhone both control the same absolute volume level) so you don’t have to crank the dial on both the iPhone and the speaker.

There’s also a new silent mode, accessed by powering up the talk and minus buttons pushed down, which mutes all annoying bloops, beeps and voice announcements.

What are you waiting for?

Source: Jawbone
Thanks: Edie!